Dr.-Ing. Cedrik Zapfe is:

A metal construction expert publicly appointed and sworn by the Chamber of Commerce and In-dustry for Munich and Upper Bavaria.

The term metal construction includes the fields of steel construction, steel-concrete com-posite construction and light metal construction.

The field of steel construction includes steel construction and steel components, in contrast to light metal construction also considering light metal structures made of steel, especially: Halls/buildings, bridges, containers, crane runways, chimneys, ramps, scaffoldings, roofs, stairs, facades, girders, cable cars, (lattice) masts, doors/gates, antennas, tubes, balco-nies/handrails, connection parts, tensile structures, etc.

Steel-concrete composite construction stands for a type of construction that combines the typical constructional elements of steel construction with supporting components made of concrete. An essential criterion of this type of construction is the shear joint to safeguard the transmission of forces between the steel elements and the load-bearing concrete elements. In contrast to the area of concrete construction, the reinforcement is not the primary steel load-bearing element.

Light metal construction means constructions made of metal materials that are significantly lighter than steel. This basically applies to load-bearing structures made of aluminium.

The expert Dr. Zapfe is experienced in all the subjects explained above (www.ing-zapfe.de). Due to the actual focuses of Dr. Zapfe's activities in the last years, the following field can be particularly pointed out:

Mounting systems for solar plants: Besides the mechanical strength of the supporting structures made of steel and/or aluminium, the load impact from wind and snow plays a decisive role, as there are no technical regulations yet. Due to the need for adjustment options, the load-bearing components can only be structurally verified on the basis of established technical sets of standards in few cases. In these cases, general technical approvals or approvals for individual cases by the supreme building authorities of the federal German states are required. This does not just affect the mounting system, but usually also the connection to the building. As the material behaviour depends on time and temperature, the calculatory verification of the plastic components is a demanding task.

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Dr. Ing. Cedrik Zapfe
publicly expert for metal construction publicly appointed and sworn by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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